2017 Toyota Supra Powerful – Price and Specs

2017 Toyota Supra is a sports car that has precise steering and powerful performance. The aggressive body will be based on the FT-1 concept sports car. Lightweight structure is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which reduce the weight of vehicles. The Japanese automaker is in partnership with a BMW implemented new technologies that improve fuel economy. The exterior is inspired with muscular hood, new headlamps, front and side air intakes, large alloy wheels, rear spoiler and coupe roofline. The cabin has two side doors and rear tailgate. Sports seats will provide you with a high level of comfort and a variety of other functions settings. The propulsion system was based on a hybrid technology that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor.


2017 Toyota Supra under the hood hides turbo 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. There are three versions of the same engine different output values of 190 hp, 245 hp, and 270 hp. When you pair up the engine with an electric motor obtained is hybrid with an output of 400 horsepower. Another option is a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine. According to engineers, a hybrid will most likely be paired with 8- or 10-speed automatic transmission. The electric motor is fed via a lithium-ion battery of high capacity capable of rapid charging and high autonomy. The aerodynamic capabilities and other sports performance will leave you breathless. Data’s related to the speed and acceleration that will be announced later.


2017 Toyota Supra has a futuristic design of the center console, sports steering wheel and modern accents that will create the impression that you are in a spaceship. The combination of black and red color leaves a lasting impression on anyone who finds himself in a cabin. Instrument panel with speedometer and new features is very attractive. A special section is dedicated to battery charging and status. Alloy pedals, advanced safety belts, airbags and curtains, brake system and other systems to prevent collisions will delight you. The athlete was freed of excess details in the cabin which usually is found in passenger cars.


2017 Toyota Supra has a base price of $ 45,000. However, it should be noted that the price of up to several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars bigger in the most luxurious version.

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